Atlanta, Georgia USA, August 12-26,2023

“Step Up Digital Incubator Project-SUDIP” is a project of “Global Vision Initiative (GVI)” in partnership with “Youth & Women for Peace & Dialogue (YWPD)” and its objective is to equip participants with digital/IT skills required to face the challenges presented by the recent sudden shift to online and distance learning; including supporting them to develop digital competences and cyber safeguarding as they make use of online platforms.

Participants of the project are mostly from the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Ghana, Canada, and the United States and are visiting the state of Georgia USA from August 12-24, 2023, as part of their tourism and cultural engagement training exchange. Most of the participants are young entrepreneurs, human rights activists, and social workers from participating countries.

As side event of the SUDIP program, YWPD has also organized a 2 day-long event “Global Change Summit (August 24-26, 2023).” The mission of the GCS is to empower communities to take part in finding solutions to combat global climate change issues through education, community engagement, and advocacy for policy change at all levels by engaging community leaders and stakeholders from youth of participating countries.